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Our Dressing Code

Our dressing code is purely Muslim


Islam holds women in very high esteem and the Islamic rules of covering are intended to protect and guard her dignity and honour.
The word used most often in regard to covering is hijab. All qualified Muslim scholars throughout the history of Islam agree that
fulfilling the conditions of the dress code is an obligation on all Muslim men and women. They have based these conditions on evidence
found in the Quran and the Sunnah. Below are the most well known verses of
the Quran and the most well known saying from the Prophet Muhammad .


The scholars of Islam overwhelmingly agree that for men everything between the navel and the knees (including the knees) must be covered in the presence of anybody. The only exception to this is a man in the presence of his wife.Finally, it is recommended for men not to wear garments that fall below the ankles.AwrahThe definition of awrah is the parts of the body that should be covered and this does vary in different situations among different groups of people. However, to fully implement the Islamic dress code it is important to understand a number of other situations in which awrah becomes important.The awrah of a woman in front of her husband:There is no awrah between a husband and wife.


The awrah of a woman in front of other (Muslim) women:A woman should dress decently in front of other Muslim women; she can uncover what she would usually uncover, her hair, arms, feet. As for other parts of her body, such as her thighs, and breast area, they should not be uncovered.Although she is allowed to wear beautiful and flattering clothes and make up, she must take great care to behave and dress in a manner that befits her station and does not offend the haya of other women.If a Muslim woman finds herself in a situation where there are other women who are known to be morally bad, then she must dress accordingly and must follow the same rules of awrah that apply when in public.